How to define your real estate purchase criteria?

Finding the property of your dreams is knowing how to listen to yourself. What is our personality and what is our way of life? How will this define our ideal place to live? At Sutton Quebec, our real estate brokers take this discovery phase to heart to find the property that meets your needs and desires!

Determine your personality traits and their impact on your purchasing criteria

Here, it is about asking yourself about the traits of your personality: are you a social or rather introverted person, are you overflowing with energy or are you a calm and collected person, are you a creative, orderly person, adventurous, autonomous, etc.

But how can these character traits define your purchasing criteria? They will simply draw a first perimeter in the search for your ideal purchase. On the other hand, your personality traits are not going to lock you in a box. Your desires also come into play. Getting out of your comfort zone or pushing yourself into a corner, for example, can completely change certain aspects of your research.

Thus, an introverted person who likes tranquility can challenge himself to find a place of life where conviviality between neighbors reigns with common spaces in co-ownership.

If you want to make this part of the mission more fun, turn to personality tests.



What is your current lifestyle and what improvements do you want to make?

It is about painting a portrait of your current lifestyle, its advantages and disadvantages. What environment do you and your family live in today? What more do you need, what things do you think are unnecessary or unimportant?

Two major questions generally arise: that of the environment and that of space. The environment can be related to a city or neighborhood you like, a distance from the children's work or school.

Regarding space, consider the number of bedrooms, bathrooms or even an exterior such as a terrace or a garden.




How do you determine your purchasing criteria and the concessions you will be prepared to make?

List all the items and make choices. Prepare your purchasing criteria but also your concessions, this will allow you to be efficient and not miss out on a purchase.

Being open to alternative solutions

Between purchase criteria and concessions, there are also alternative solutions. They are to be evaluated and can make the difference. For example: having a house with a swimming pool is essential for you. Your real estate broker offers you a property that has all your criteria except the pool. Before you miss out on a great opportunity, study the feasibility of building a swimming pool later in the field, estimate the budget and go for it!

List of questions to ask yourself to define your purchasing criteria

  • House or apartment
  • City center, outlying or total nature
  • Environment: calm, dynamic with shops
  • Parking: indoor, outdoor, closed
  • Outside: garden, balcony, terrace
  • Surface area, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms
  • Provision of services
  • Transport: by public, by bike or by car
  • Old or new

Now it's your turn! Ask yourself and think about your desires to determine your purchasing criteria. Once this essential step has been completed, start looking for the rare pearl! Our network of real estate brokers will assist you in your search for a property for sale in Quebec.

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Good research!